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Just Shoot Me

photographer-clip-art-free-318131My cheeks burn and the blister on my heel oozes, as I peel the backing off a Band-Aid. Paparazzi and stilettos. It’s not as easy as it looks. I wonder if this is how the Kardashians got started.

My  good friend, Stacey, talented writer and photographer, agreed to take some head shots to use for my “social media presence,” you know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yik Yak. I need to be ready with a media kit if my writing career takes off and my submissions get picked up by Huffington Post, the New York Times or Fox News Online. Hey, a girl’s gotta dream. We met for this exercise a year ago, but I recently updated my hair style so, naturally, I needed to digitally capture the new me. After rifling through my closet, and building a mountain of discarded shirts, skirts, flats and flip-flops on the bedroom floor, I selected just the right outfit for my Norma Desmond close-up. Then I headed out to our agreed upon location. Continue reading


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Punk’d in Produce

Fresh Herbs

The recipe sounded easy enough. Eight ounces of goat cheese, one-third cup cream, chopped chives and a small handful of fresh herbs. Our good friends, Bob and Laurell, would be visiting from Colorado in a couple of days and I wanted to impress them with a special appetizer.

But wait? What was that last ingredient? Fresh herbs? That’s it? How was a cooking challenged gal like myself supposed to know which herbs suited a goat cheese dip? I wasn’t even sure what qualified as an herb. Parsley? Sage? Rosemary? Thyme?

So naturally, I turned to my Facebook family to unravel the mystery. Continue reading

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