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A Red Teddy and a Home Pregnancy Test – Must Be The Dollar Store

RedTeddyBearAt ten years old, my grandson is a seasoned bargain hunter. But Jackson didn’t get it from me. Even when my daughter was little and my budget littler, I never got into the whole coupon cutting, bargain hunting competition that my contemporaries enjoyed. When dollar stores starting cropping up in strip malls in my area, I had no interest. Target, sure. Walmart, on a rare occasion, but the Dollar Store? Sounded like another scam whipped up to get me to spend my hard earned Social Security check.

The last time I made the two-hour drive to visit, Jackson insisted we take a trip to the neighborhood Dollar Saver. I wrestled a cart loose from the queue and followed him in. The first thing he spotted was a shelf filled with miniature stuffed teddy bears in a variety of colors. He grabbed a red one from the display and asked if he could get it for his mom for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading


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6 Reasons Why I Love Monday

HAPPY MONDAY! (1)Sounds crazy, right? But believe me, I know where you’re coming from. For more than half my life, I endured a 45-minute commute five torturous days a week on clogged highways and crammed public transit. By Friday afternoon, I fantasized about the wondrous weekend ahead. TGIF. For two blissful days, no alarm clock jarring me from my nightmare of looming deadlines, no packed roads or commuter trains, no boss surreptitiously leaving AARP literature on my desk. Oh yes. I get it. TGIF. Continue reading


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Tragedy at Target

female-detective-clip-art_fA friend and I agreed to meet for dinner last week at a strip mall near where she attends a Toastmasters group. Kudos for going all in on self-improvement. Stacey suggested we eat at the Italian restaurant in the mall. Recalling a disappointing dining experience there, I suggested we meet in the parking lot at 5:00, and caravan to a better bistro a couple miles away.

The textversation that evening went like this:

Stacey-How about 445 in target parking lot. Text me and I’ll honk.

Me-Yep that works!

I arrive early and text to see if she’s waiting.

Me-I’m here

No reply. Continue reading


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